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Outsourcing for Churches

Usually when I write a post I like the title to be related to a frequently searched phrase in Google.

That’s not the case with this post. church outsourcing Google searches

As you can see, there may be a handful of searches that fit the “church outsourcing” phrase and none for the longer “outsourcing for churches.”

Now, these numbers are never precisely accurate, but you can safely conclude that pretty much no one is looking for ways to outsource tasks for their church.

There are some good reasons for this.

First of all, how could you justify hiring an overseas freelance outsourcer for admin tasks of some kind when people in your church need employment?

And secondly, with most businesses barely scratching the surface of what is possible via outsourcing, we can hardly expect busy pastors to be up to speed on the options.

But consider this: If you could outsource a task for a fraction of what you are paying right now to have it done by in-house staff, and either reduce your staff or reallocate their time to things that can’t be outsourced, wouldn’t that be good stewardship? What if you could outsource a task for the same price but have it done with much higher levels of consistency and excellence?

Just this morning I was online chatting with my favorite freelancer, Rehmat. He lives in Pakistan and is exactly 12 hours offset from me, so it is easy to remember what time it is for him.

I’m changing the design of a website, so I had him clone it to a different domain where I can then make the changes before he moves it over and replaces the existing site which is still live and fully functioning. Now, I could probably have done this myself, but it would have taken me a week and there is a good chance it would have gone sideways and required outside help anyway. We did in fact run into an issue, but he got it sorted out immediately. He also did work on another major task for me which will be tied off tomorrow. The cost has been $46 for me so far on these two projects and the total till likely be under $100. But the real value is the time saved.

And just in case you think I am being cheap, I’m actually paying $20/hour USD. In a country where the per capita income is $1500 per year, and minimum wage $209 per month.

I’m still thinking about how to outsource more in my business, but for now here’s a couple questions: How much time does your staff spend on your church website? How much is it costing you? What high value tasks, that only they can do, are not being done while they futz online?