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Online Discipleship

I was recently asked to review an online discipleship site that a church has started using.

You can see it here: 

Before I say anything else I want to commend the people who are putting this together. It is a good start to effectively leveraging technology for the Gospel.

A few observations:

  • It is essentially a curated content site, with a subscription to RightNow media (provided via the church) needed for some of the training.
  • The benefit of this approach versus simply pointing people to RightNow is that it gives some structure and leverages pre-existing content
  • The drawback is that once they are on RightNow the curation aspect is effectively gone
  • Likewise as it links out to other sites like, BillyGraham, FreedomSession etc there will be an assumption of endorsement of all the rest of these sites’ teaching. It can get to be a lot to monitor.
  • The relationship with a Bible college is interesting and will give some added cred and impetus for some people to dig in
  • I’m not sure if any of the links are affiliate links that will generate a commission, but if so it should be disclosed

I especially like the fact that they have started to automate the baptism preparation process!
Most churches could do this so easily and save a ton of time. This is an example of what could be done with membership prep and many other repeated trainings.

Also having basic training like Willow Creek’s Just Walk Across the Room makes a lot of sense.

Membership courses for the church could also be added easily.

I think this is moving in the right direction.
Good use of tech and pre-existing content.

I’d personally like to host all content via the church site versus pointing people elsewhere. Now, that couldn’t be done with the third-party content, but it’s really easy to make a video course about anything, especially if there are already sermons or classes being done in a church. Any church can do it.

I’d also like a clearer discipleship pathway and even greater simplicity.
(I’d suggest, ahem, DNA of a Christ Follower for reference…)
The challenge today is not in getting content, it is filtering content and simplifying complexities.
This site takes steps in both directions, and I expect they will go even further as they refine their ideas.

Good work!