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Is Church Marketing Legal?

funny church signsIt’s not about whether or not marketing your church is allowable in your country, state, province, etc.

In rare cases, it might not be, but for most of us in the West, this is not the issue.

The resistance to church marketing and the idea that it might somehow be biblically or theologically “illegal” comes from within.
Marketing sounds so corporate. So cold and calculating. So focused on numbers.

There is some truth to those charges, but
1) Most churches could stand to be a little more corporate in the sense that they need to be deliberate and focused in pursuing their bottom line, which is…? Making Disciples.
2) As a wiser man than I has said, “Every number is a person, and people matter to God.”

Every single week I learn something new about the online world and say to myself “That has direct application for church marketing and ministry.” If you have a problem using the word ‘marketing’ in relation to the church, get over it. If you are in church ministry you are in marketing, whether you want to be or not. The only question is, are you any good at it?

It’s not unlike one of the main points in the first theology class I ever took: Everyone is a theologian. Some are good theologians and some are bad…

So, if you are or want to be a witness, a participant in the beautiful task of making disciples, you are a marketer. What kind of a marketer are you?

And, in relation to the topic at hand, are you leveraging current online technology as effectively as possible, to that end?